Railway PNR Status

What is Railway PNR Status? Well, PNR when broken refers to Passenger Name Record which in an essential Part of Railway reservation. The Railway PNR status would actually reveal your ticket status booked with Indian Railway. The PNR is basically a unique 10 digit code that’s provided to all the railway passengers as they book their railway ticket. The PNR number would be placed at the upper left side of each Indian Railways ticket.

Now, let’s see how does this Railway PNR digit work? As mentioned earlier, the 10 digit PNR carries information in relation to the passenger’s railway ticket state or the IRCTC reserved tickets. In many cases, the passengers get their names in the waiting lists due to unavailability of berths in the respective train. Now, if you have got your name listed in the waiting list or is a RAC candidate you could have it confirmed to a proper seat in case any of the reserved passengers cancel their ticket with the train. In such a situation the only method to check the status of your seat is to check with the Railway PNR status from the Railway Office which can get you with the present condition of your ticket & seat status in the particular train.

Now, the question comes up as how to verify your Railway PNR status?

It’s good to mention that the advancement of communication have made the checking process really easy today. You are not needed anymore to go up and enquire from your city railway office these days. These days one can easily check up his Railway PNR status either from the mobile or through online. If you wish to check it through mobile, you can call up at 139 or else via SMS. Otherwise the most convenient way to check the PNR status is via Internet. Just type “Railway PNR status” online and the search engines would come up with various sites that provide you with PNR status checking facilities. As you open the site there would be a box placed where you have to put down you 10 digit PNR code. The code slot is followed by “Get Status” button- as you put down the code, type on the “Get Status” to know about the final state of your ticket.

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